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About CSC of Central FL, Inc.

Critical Services Co., Inc. was started in the spring of 1983 by Richard Audette as a sole proprietorship with 1 customer and sales of thirty thousand dollars in the first year. We currently own and operate 4 independent corporations in 3 states.

We have a customer base of over 1000 customers ranging from a two-person doctor's office to large group practices with multiple facilities in multiple states. We have, under contract, over 7,500 pieces of equipment for preventive maintenance and perform over 5,000 repairs annually on a fee for service basis.

We stock approximately $25,000 in parts inventory at each of the four locations and have access to over two hundred different vendors. We are an authorized service centers for manufacturers such as Consolidated, Midmark, Pelton & Crane, etc.. 

Our standards for employment are a minimum two-year Biomedical Engineering degree with a 400-hour internship and / or equivalent training. We also provide continuing education with manufacturer’s schools and on the job training.

The two principals of the firm are Eugene E. Hildebrand and Dean Pilon who together have over sixty years experience in the service industry with over fifty years experience in the medical equipment field. We are confident and qualified to provide, consulting services, risk management, preventive maintenance and repair services that will satisfy any of your compliance requirements and exceed all your expectations.


Critical Services Co., Inc. and all subsidiaries carry and maintain general liability and "products completed operations" insurance at the limit of $3,000,000 aggregate. Insurance certificates are available upon request. Please check any competitors' coverage as to level the pricing field. We cannot compete with a company with no insurance nor should you rely on any services without these limits or coverage's.


Maintenance scheduling and service history - Our computer system will schedule all equipment per location and frequency. Reports for service history are available if CSC performs repair.

Printed Test Results of PM Inspections - All test results are entered into our system and printed. You will receive 2 complete sets of test results plus a summary report after each inspection is performed. The summary report will show which units were due for inspection and which units were found during that visit. If any were not found our system will continue to call for their inspection or until removed from the PM program at your request.

All incidents associated with equipment - We will perform a complete inspection of any unit, at anytime you request. Then we will give you test results and our professional opinion on any findings in form format.

Equipment replacement or procurement information - We will recommend replacement of any piece of equipment that is no longer safe for patient care, or is no longer supported by the manufacture for replacement parts. Also if any piece of equipment fails and the repair cost exceeds half of new, we will automatically give you an estimate accompanying a recommendation for repair or replacement. We will be available for recommending manufacturers and models of new equipment on the basis of performance, serviceability and factory support. Thru our PM Agreement, we are "your biomed department", so please utilize our expertise in equipment evaluation and procurement.

Under current development is CSC's Asset Management Program which will utilize our Preventive Maintenance Program and your inventory to track costs, depreciation, amortization, life expectancies and replacement of capital equipment whether new or used. 

Computerized Inventory:

Type of Equipment - Descriptive information of each device
IE. EKG, Interpretive \ Defibrillator Monitor.

Control Number - ECN - Equipment Control Number of 5 Digits. Each piece of equipment to be inspected at regular intervals will be labeled

Name of Manufacturer - Vendor Codes of 4 letters to represent the manufacturer of each piece of equipment

Model & Serial Numbers - Both will be used if available

Location - Physical location of each piece of equipment inside of each facility. Down to room number if available.

Multiple Facilities - Each of your facilities will be assigned a location code
IE: Acct # 4214 - Locode 421401 / 02 / 03

Maintenance Schedule - Frequency per year - added to the date of inspection will calculate the next inspection date due. We schedule by the month, which has proven to be within one week of calculated due date. Frequency can be from weekly up to once a year. Most equipment inspections are bi-annual

Vendor Service Record - CSC keeps one electronic copy of all repairs and PM inspections, also two hard copies of each invoice along with one copy of the actual original work order as source documents. Each customer receives two copies of each invoice and one copy of the work order for your usage as you see fit.  

PM Inspection Test Results - As you will only receive printed test results, CSC plans to maintain an electronic copy of these test results indefinitely.

Electrical Safety Testing Specifications:

CSC performs as a two-part procedure:

A. Physical Condition of the unit is composed of the following:

1. Inspect all line cords and cabling for defects.

2. Inspect all controls, knobs and switches.

3. Inspect the integrity of the case and mounting brackets.

4. Note and report any hazardous conditions that are found.

B. Current Leakage Testing is composed of the following:

1. Using a safety analyzer that meets the standards set forth by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). This test measures the ground wiring resistance from the plug to the case. Then actual current leakage measured in microamps. Any results that are out of the acceptable ranges will be cause for removing the unit from service, and / or marked "UNSAFE FOR OPERATION".

** Note: All of the above are all inclusive in the per unit pricing and are standard procedure. Most of our competitors perform Part B of this test only and consider that to be preventive maintenance.

Performance Assurance Inspection Specifications:

Operational Safety Test:

1. Complies with Manufacturer's Specifications - As a general rule, the equipment will be tested to meet its manufacturer's operational specifications. IE. Centrifuges - motor brush length, speed in RPMs, timers, safety latches. Standard Procedure.

2. Lubrication - Every inspection will include lubrication of any parts requiring such service. Standard Procedure.

3. Alignment/ Adjustment of Knobs, Controls and Connections. Every inspection will include minor adjustments and minor repairs. Standard Procedure.

4. Calibrations - Every inspection of any unit requiring annual recalibration will be documented. IE. Audiometers. Standardization’s and calibrations will be checked at each inspection, although time consuming & intricate adjustments needed will be invoiced separately and most likely performed in our shop. Standard Procedure.

5. Replacement of Parts - We will replace any normal consumable parts during a scheduled PM with no additional labor charge, but you will billed for the parts used on the same invoice. On any follow up service to be performed you will be billed on a time and materials basis at your reduced labor rate and zone charge. Standard Procedure.

** Note: All of the above are all-inclusive in the per unit pricing with the exception of the replacement parts. We have found and rectified more potential problems during this process than any other part of our PM procedures. Most of our competitors do not perform an operational test or do not perform it to this level of detail.


All of our Preventive Maintenance Inspections are done on a flat rate basis. We determine these rates based on the amount of time it takes to perform the above tests and the amount of test equipment required per each type of equipment. IE: Defib / Monitor requires an Electrical Safety Analyzer, a Defib Output Analyzer, and an ECG Simulator as many performance tests are completed with all this test equipment.

Criteria for Inspection and Frequency:

Inspections - CSC uses, if any, manufacturer's recommendations, and / or 1 or more of the following:

1. Design characteristics

2. Type of Equipment

3. To decrease over all maintenance expense and maximize life of equipment

4. CSC's Equipment Risk Evaluation 

Frequency - CSC uses, if any, manufacturer's recommendations, and / or 1 or more of the following:

1. Risk Factor - Function of the equipment. IE. EKG or Defibrillator Monitor

2. Clinical Application - Environment of normal use. IE. Lab, Exam Rooms,
Ambulatory Surgery

3. Maintenance Requirements - To meet requirements that have been adopted by regulating agencies such as city, and state governments, OSHA, JCAHO, CLIA and / or the manufacturer

4. Equipment Incident History - These pieces of equipment lend to the over all increase in liability and exposure to lawsuits. IE. Electrosurgical Units

5. CSC's Equipment Risk Evaluation

Initial Inspections:

When new or used additional equipment arrives at your facility, you should contact CSC to perform an initial PM inspection on that equipment before it is put into service. This will ensure that the safety and standards of the new equipment will meet your policies and procedures for all equipment at your facility. This will also integrate the new equipment into our PM Program seamlessly. We have found, out of box failures and issues with equipment before the manufacturers warranty runs out.

Manufacturer Representation:

CSC is an Authorized Service Center for the following manufacturers:

Better Built Cage washers
Midmark Corporation
Pelton & Crane
And Many More

CSC is a Full Line Dealer for the following manufacturers:

Medical Illuminations
And Many More

New & Used Equipment:

Although our primary function as a Biomedical Engineering Services Company is to repair and maintain equipment, CSC can supply both new & used equipment in various price ranges. We can offer substantial savings with used and refurbished equipment, which makes it affordable to have backup of practice critical equipment. IE: Autoclave or EKG

CSC’s and our vendor’s nationwide inventory of used and refurbished equipment is continually changing, so please contact your local Service Manager to assist you in locating equipment to fill all your needs.

​Eugene E. Hildebrand
CSC of Central FL Inc.

"A VA Certified Disabled Veteran Owned Business."